Murat Çileli

Murat Çileli

Software Developer
I started with the Atari 800 XL and continued with the 8086 XT PC and Amiga 500.

As someone who has made his first "online" experience on a BBS with a 56K modem, I see the Internet as a great source of information and spend most of my time researching and reading.


I think that labor and time should be invested in technologies, not products. Therefore, my personal development is based Open Source technologies.

Symfony, OOP, ORM

Projects with Symfony, Doctrine and Twig and code-base that conforms to PSR standards.

GNU/Linux, Bash, AWS

I use Debian and Arch based distributions on server and desktop platforms.

MariaDB, Elasticsearch

MariaDB as RDBMS; also MongoDB or Elasticsearch according to requirements.

Git, JIRA, Phabricator

I prefer Git as version control system and JIRA or Phabricator as collaboration system.