ZynOS / ROM-0 Scanner

ZynOS / ROM-0 Scanner that scans given IP Range and download / decompresses ROM files of vulnerable ADSL routers. So, you can easily access to remote ADSL router and login with decrypted administrator password.

Download: https://www.muratcileli.com/ZynOSScanner.zip – (11,8 K) – (Requires .Net Framework 4)

VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/d9cafb3…/analysis/1457891658/

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Donate Ethereum: 0x003DCD95bd10E61289E54B65aE5bb0645E38ed5B


The List of Known Vulnerable Devices

– TP-LINK TD-8816
– D-Link DSL-2640R
– AirLive WT-2000ARM
– Pentagram Cerberus P 6331-42
– ZTE ZXV10 W300


Huawei HG520 / Rom-0 Decompression Tool’s methods used for decompression and decryption of ROM file. Home: http://www.hakim.ws/huawei/rom-0/

Legal Notice

Please, use the software for auditing only your own devices that reside in your local network. Be aware that breaking into systems is illegal and I don’t take any responsibility and I’m not liable for any damage caused through use of the software.